LEGO Architecture: The Eiffel Tower

Lego Architecture Eiffel Tower

I am a sucker for LEGO. The story behind “LEGO”, from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well”, appeals to both kids and adults. I bet you’re never too old for it. LEGO Architecture series consist of the world’s famous architectural building in micro-scale. Join me building the Eiffel Tower LEGO from scratch!

Lego Architecture Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower (21019)

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Zuji Package

10 Thoughts

  1. i got this eiffel tower and also the paris louvre building…(new and sealed).please let me know if any of you interested. thanks. just bought from paris few days ago..

  2. Wow!

    You nailed it! Haha

    There’s a new neighbourhood mall opened near my area. I went there yesterday and saw a new outlet for parents to leave their children at while shopping. And the activity is for the children to assemble the Lego pieces.

    I looked at the children, focusing in assembling the parts. Looking at them, I just knew that if I were them, I would have given up after 10 minutes. Haha. I am suck with Lego!

  3. My brother has one in this series: Architecture. His set is United Nation Building. He and I love Lego and never be bored to play with them despite being adults already. That’s the reason Lego is kind of timeless toys for all of us.

      1. Not really, we plan to collect the Lego Modular Houses set which we’ve already had Pet Shop and The Grand Emporium. We knew that we can’t have all of them but hopefully we can find some of them ;)

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