Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

This week theme.

Palace of Versailles, one of the largest and most opulent castles in the world. The King’s Chamber (left), opulent decor of gold and silver brocade on a crimson ground forms a backdrop to paintings chosen by him. In this chamber that Louis XIV died on 1 September 1715 after reigning for 72 years. Adjacent to the King’s Chamber  is the Council Study (right), decorated in sumptuous wood panelling.

Palace of Versailles, Paris


Zuji Package

3 Thoughts

  1. So excited seeing your photos :-) We were thinking of choosing Versailles for this challenge too but couldn’t find one with good resolution from our visit back in 2006. We were tossing up whether to visit again later this year when we are in France – think your photos have definitely inspired us to visit again :-)

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