Neon Jungle 2018

Neon Jungle (1)

Welcome to the Neon Jungle! As part of raising awareness for a sustainable future, you can expect psychedelic neon light installations in the form of endangered animals scattered across the Supertree Grove area. Get your cameras ready!

Neon Jungle (14)

This is the largest collection of neon lights at Gardens by the Bay.

Neon Jungle (3)

It has been estimated that there are only between 5,000 to 10,000 Philippine Tarsiers left in the world.

Neon Jungle (9)

Asian Hornbill.

Neon Jungle (5)

Did you know that more than 100 wildlife species at the risk of extinction each day?

Neon Jungle (8)

Orang Utan.

Visayan Spotted Deer, Sun bear and Malayan Tapir.

Neon Jungle (10)

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Neon Jungle (11)

All life is beautiful if you surround yourself with beautiful things.

Neon Jungle (12)

For a limited time only, this is a good time to take IG-worthy portraits

Neon Jungle (13)

Asian Tiger.

Stage Performances

Neon Jungle (2)

Chill out and enjoy ‘live’ music performances by young local talents.

Neon Night Market

Neon Jungle (17)

From hipster food to eco-friendly products, Friends of the Gardens enjoy the following discounts at participating stalls at the Neon Night Market.

  • 10% off – 1 regular-priced item
  • 15% off – 2 regular-priced items
  • 20% off – 3 regular-priced items


Neon Jungle (15)

Arrays of F&B at the Supertree Grove.

Garden Rhapsody

Neon Jungle (16)

Do catch the nightly Garden Rhapsody featuring songs from the Musical Stage such as Les Misérables.

Neon Jungle @ Gardens by the Bay
Now on till 28 October 2018, 6pm-11pm
Supertree Grove
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Admission is Free!

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