Ushering 2013: Marina Bay Singapore Countdown

Celebrate 2013 at the Float

As we bid our fondest farewell to 2012, a new 2013 awaits and with an end comes a new beginning. Nothing in life is permanent, everything is temporary, and with everything always changing; it is only crucial that we live in the moment, be aware of the present and fully enjoy what we’re doing while we’re doing it. And as One Direction sings; “Lets live while we’re young”, that is how many people all over the globe marked the New Year, with merry celebrations to welcome 2013.

In Singapore, thousands of revellers flocked to the heart of the city; Marina Bay to usher in 2013. Despite the year’s economic uncertainties, it was a celebration of music, dance and spectacular fireworks display to anticipate for an even better year. As an official blogger for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013, I was assigned to The Float @ Marina Bay to soak in the atmosphere with my friend. Audience spectators to Celebrate 2013 were already filling up seats as early as 7pm. I have to admit I admire the spirits of many already there for braving the relentless rain that poured since early afternoon. As for us, we decided to hold on for awhile in hopes that the rain will subside, to our dismay the rain was persistent but that wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits and we confronted the rain eventually. Many were eager to get the best seats in the house and were already seated with their umbrellas and ponchos.

The Float Marina Bay

Finally as the clouds felt that they’ve showered us with enough blessings, the downpour cleared up and spectators warm themselves up by engaging in tossing the Volkswagen Frisbee given at The Float entrance all around the seating gallery, setting up the scene to welcome in 2013.

The Float Marina Bay

Spectators were entertained by the lined up of celebrity artists on stage.

Event highlights

There was definitely something for everyone. From grooving to the beats of regional acts like Korean hip-hop group M.I.B and Singapore Korean girl group S.K.A.R.F., the soulful singer Sheila Majid of Malaysia and our very own Singapore Idol; Taufik Batisah and not forgetting the award winning musical cast of Jersey Boys. It was a palette of non-stop entertainment to satisfy every spectator.

Float Marina Bay

As Celebrate 2013 went on ‘live’, The Float’s atmosphere pulsated to a high energy hyped carried by a throng of revellers ready to go all out in partying 2012 away and ushering in 2013.

The Float Marina Bay

The ‘live’ telecast of Celebrate 2013 was hosted by Gurmit Singh and Joanne Peh.

Host for Celebrate 2013

They were hosting throughout the seating gallery and at one point in time were so close yet so far as they were just few steps away from us.

Fireworks 1

And then came the moment all of us have been waiting for, the moment where time almost stood still. Everyone counted down the final ten seconds together and as soon as we reach zero, the Marina Bay’s skyline erupted with a bang as fireworks lit the sky. It was a dance of myriad colours, revelling merrily as it gazes down on us; shooting across the sky, illuminating the night as we embrace 2013. Rippling across the night sky, like water droplets hitting the sea; generating waves and causing tremors; admire in awe, the fireworks beauty.

Fireworks 2

The stunning and spectacular pyrotechnics display lasted for about 8 minutes and was accompanied by a musical score themed “Dari Tanah Ini” or “From This Earth” and it serves as an inspiration to reflect upon the nation’s past and humble beginnings. The piece showcases strong Southeast Asian influences, including traditional musical instruments and vocals from the various ethnic groups in Singapore representing the multiculturalism nature of this country.

Fireworks 3

It wasn’t just Singaporeans at the Float, no matter young or old, there were spectators as far as the United States and New Zealand to welcome the New Year and witness the stunning fireworks display and to partake in a non-stop after-party right at the floating platform thereafter.

Fireworks 4

Igniting the sky and owning the night with colours bursting as fireworks shoot across the sky, all to ring in the New Year with a bright positive start.

After Countdown

As the New Year unfolds; it is the celebration of new hopes and dreams. It is an opportunity to start with a clean slate. It is an opportunity to introspect and anticipate new joy, beautiful moments and surprises with friends and loved ones.

Countdown Party

The celebration doesn’t end immediately after the fireworks, the after-party continues on what seems like the largest floating dancefloor. On the decks spinning dance anthems are two of Avalon’s resident DJ’s, DJ Foxxy and Inquisitive to satisfy party revellers.


Party revellers danced, raved, dubstepped, and shuffled the night away to awesome dance hits till the morning of 3am under the night sky and the surrounding MBS and CBD. Where else could you party with such stunning views.

Drinks at the Float

Taiwan Beer booth at The Float.

Marina Bay Skyline

And with that my journey as an official blogger for the Marina Bay Countdown 2013 has come to an end. It was fun while it lasted and offered me rare opportunities, exclusive sneak peeks into what makes the event a success. Heartfelt thanks to URA for this opportunity to be part of the biggest countdown celebration in town. Last but not least, Happy New Year and have a prosperous awesome year ahead.

I end this with a snippet of the celebration

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  1. Wow! That is a spectacular display! The kids used to go there for new year, years ago. Now they have switched lenience to Bangkok! Have a great year :-)

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