OSIM: Small in size but BIG ON PLEASURE


Do you ever feel depleted and tired after a long day at work? I’m pretty sure you want to head home, put your feet up and get a good rubdown at the comfort of your home. Fret not! OSIM’s latest trio massagers may be small in size but the uCozy, uPebble and uRelax is all you need for your relaxation. Work-related stress can take its toll on the mind and extend to the body. An oscillating massage can provide comfort for your tense muscles and stimulate body processes to increase your vitality.

OSIM is the official prize sponsor for Countdown 2013 official blogger and photography competition. I’m given the opportunity to try on the trio massagers series that are compact, easy to use and most importantly, cater for all ages. I’ve tested the 3 massagers on my aching muscles and I’m impressed with the after-effect results.

OSIM uCozy – For the Neck & Shoulder


Sitting on a computer for prolonged hours can lead to chronic neck pain and tense shoulder. uCozy is designed for effective support and pampering to provide quick relief of muscle aches. The verdict, it does a good soothing massage for my stiff neck.

uCozy Functions

uCosy Desc

The ergonomically shaped massage nodes in the uCozy neck and shoulder massager ease tense and aching muscles with its robust dual-directional kneading action.


The warmth function improves circulation and loosens up tense, knotted muscles caused by stress, further enhancing the massage effectiveness.

ucosy button

Simplicity is beauty. You can use it as easy as 1,2,3. With the touch of a button, the lightweight and portable uCozy massager is delightfully user-friendly.

OSIM uPebble – For the Feet


Standing all day cause tired, sore and swollen feet can be detrimental to your body. Pain, begone! OSIM uPebble is your savior to relieve tensions on your feet, ankles, calves, arms or palms. Inspired by reflexology walking paths, this small massager provides a stimulating reflexology massage for quick relief anytime, anywhere! The verdict, uPebble is a happy pill therapy for my feet.

uPebble Functions

uPebble Desc

Similarly, most OSIM products are easy to use. With the touch of a button, uPebble has 5 auto massage programmes to choose from. It automatically gives you a well-balanced massage for quick and effective relief of muscle aches and strains.


Besides easy to maintain, the versatile uPebble foot massager not only helps to relieve aches and tensions on your feet but stimulate your ankles, calves, arms or palms too. Subsequently, the dual-directional and ergonomically shaped massage nodes activate vital reflex points on the soles to benefit the corresponding organs in the body.

OSIM uRelax – For the Upper Body


Transform your chair into a massage chair with the OSIM uRelax. You can even use it on your car too. Sit back, relax and rejuvenate with uRelax back massage. I’m sure uRelax able to treat back related issues.

uRelax Fuctions


Designed for easy operation, this controller lets you select your desired options. There are 3 massage modes (Shiatsu, Swing and Rolling), vibration and soothing heat to relieve aches and strains from your back. Combine it with a full-back, upper back or lower back massage option to achieve your ideal massage.


OSIM uRelax, uPebble and uCozy can be integrated at your own preferences. Retail prices of all three products as follows:

OSIM uCozy – introductory price $138 (UP $188)
OSIM uPebble – introductory price $148 (UP $208)
OSIM uRelax – introductory price $188 ($238)

Osim PrizesIf you like to own these amazing products by OSIM, do participate the countdown photography competition. uSoffa Runway worth S$3,088 is up for grab! Put on your creative hat and get your gear ready to shoot. Capture the beauty and joy of Marina Bay with the theme of “Loving you, Loving Marina Bay”.

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