The Sun Pavilion

Sun Pavillion

The latest addition to the Gardens by the Bay called the Sun Pavilion houses one of the largest cacti and succulent collections in South-east Asia. Ultimately, admission is free!

Mexican Columnar Cacti

These spectacular plants are capable of surviving for months without rain. The ribs running down their bulky trunks adapt to survive in dry climates, allowing the plants to expand and contract in accordance to their water absoption needs.

Turk's Cap

The Brazilian species of Turk’s Cap is an amazing sight. It starts off as a green and shiny ball but when it is about to flower, a special structure resembling a cap develops on top of the plant, hence its name.


An environment with the correct temperature and amount of air circulation is essential for cactus and succulent plants to survive. Cacti are mostly from the Americas, while succulent Euphorbias come from Africa and Madagascar. Cacti get their name from the Greek word “kaktos”, which means “thistle”.

Head down to the Gardens by the Bay now!

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