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Having living in a tropical country in my entire life, the feeling of snowflakes on my head was awesome!! I thank god for the opportunity. I had been to various towers but N Seoul Tower is very unique to me. Located on Namsan Mountain, surrounded with flora and fauna, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, no wonder Seoul Tower is the most popular attraction for tourist. Without further ado, below is a video that I’ve edited for N Seoul Tower.

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There are various ways getting to N Seoul Tower:

For nature lover,  you could always hike to the top of Mt. Namsan—there are paths on both the north and south sides of the hill, with scenic observation spots along the way. The hike takes about 30—40 minutes. Likewise, the fastest and easiest way to reach the top is definitely by cable car. Use Exit 3 at Myeongdong Station. Upon exiting, turn left and you’ll see Pacific Hotel. Keep right as you walk up the hill and keep going after reaching the junction. Some of the landmark you will see is Namsan Guest house. Round trip will cost 8500KRW per adult. While 1 trip cost 6000KRW per adult.

This is what you’ll be going to see when you walk up to the cable car station

Snowing moments. Steep stairways leading to Seoul Tower if you decided to climb up.

Snowing heavily. I notice something common for couples in Korea, they always wear the same matchy shoe together. Apparently, New Balance shoe is gaining popularity there.

Leaving the base to the top of Mt Namsan. Operate from 10am to 11pm, the cable car runs every 10 mins or so. It can be very crowded at times but do remember to get the best spot near the window to get a better view.

View from the Cable Car. Open since 1962. it has the capacity of 48 person at one go!

View from the peak of Mt Namsan. Winding staircase leading to the base.

Completed in 1969, N Seoul Tower has been a landmark of Seoul and measures 236.7 m (777 ft) in height (from the base) and tops out at 479.7 m (1,574 ft) above sea level. (Wikipedia)

Famous much letter “N”

I’m not sure what they call it but this gazebo (traditional architecture) blend in well with the nature as well as the tower.

Namsan Fitness corner. I’m amazed to see the ahjussi working out! Climbing the stairs still not enough! Cold weather is not an excuse for not exercising.

Apparently these kids playing catching game at the open space in front of the tower.

Finally the famous place for placing your love promise! The scene from Hello Stranger, locks of love. I see it with my very own eyes! Thousands or perhaps millions? of love padlocks can be seen hanging on the fences around the base level of N Seoul Tower.

Love lock trees. Couples would lock their padlocks and throw away the key to symbolise that their love will be locked forever. However, to protect the environment, please do not throw the keys. You can actually exchange the key at the souvenir shop for a roses.

A Promise for Endless Love “I Love You.”.
From old times, there was a story that if lovers make a wish at a shrine on Nam-San (Mt. South), it comes true. Since that, this place became a symbol of the place of promising an everlasting love for couples with hanging a lock together. A Lock of Love, already famous by media, is not just expressing couples’ love by hanging locks, but meaning endless love with experiencing unforgettable moment in the place you can see a view of Seoul.

I placed my padlock here too on one of the trees.

If you decided not to go up the tower, there’s a cafe called Twosome place inside the tower. A great place to grab a cup of coffee and admire the view from the Mt Namsan.

Unfortunately, I decided not to visit the *Teddy Bear Museum. I have seen pictures of the museum from other bloggers and decided to give it a miss. 8000KRW for admission to the museum and 14000KRW for both observatory and museum package. For exclusive post regarding Teddy Bear Museum, click here!

*The Teddy Bear Museum has ceased its operation from November 30, 2013

Each admission to observatory cost 9000KRW per adult.

Observatory Area and gift shop.

360 degree stunning view of Seoul. Each window

The highest post office. You can send your love letter through this post office mail box! Postcard can be bought at the gift shop.

Glaring sunlight as the sun about to set. (Left) MEMSHOT counter – pay 12,000 won and you get two prints of your photo with N Seoul Tower as background.

View of Seoul as the sun about to set.

Spotting North Korea

View of the tower at night

Laser Light Show. If you decided to visit in the evening, do remember to catch the light show. For 10 mins, it runs hourly from 8pm to 11pm in the summer, 7pm to 10pm in the winter.

Romantic gazebo at night

Illuminated water fountain at night

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10 Thoughts

  1. Hi there

    This quite a detailed site to read before going to b seoul tower.

    By the way. May I know what timing of the day is the cable car having the least crowd? I am planning to go on a weekday morning or evening.


    1. Hi! Weekday should be fine unless it falls on a public holiday. No specific timing but evening period can be crowded.

  2. We found the best way to get to Seoul Tower is to just take a taxi to the cable car, then take the cable car to the summit. It’s expensive but if we can afford to spend the money to fly to the other side of the planet, we can afford to splurge a little and not waste our time there waiting for trains and shuttles.

  3. Really beautiful. And snowwww?!! Wwow. Never seen a real snow before my eyes. I really wanna go there. Hehe. You even left your padlock at the love lock tree while I’ve only seen the tree in the TV. Kena start planning ni. Haha.

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