Insider Guide: 6 Days in Taipei


Taipei is home to one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world with great food scene and vibrant shopping district. Taipei is also surrounded by mountains and home to several hot springs. The city is definitely a great destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Taiwan Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan Airport is the largest airport in Taiwan. The airport currently has 2 terminals which are connected by Skytrain service. To meet the growing demand, a new terminal (Terminal 3) is currently under construction and slated to be ready for service in 2021.


Prepaid SIM Cards can be purchase at the airport. The 3 main telcos are Chunghwa, Taiwan Mobile, and FarEast Tone. The price range is reasonable and most plans come with unlimited data. You are also required to produce your passport to register for the SIM card.

Train to Taipei City

Credit: Taiwan News

Taipei’s transportation is well organised. You can get anywhere easily with the MRT and public buses. Upon arrival, purchase the Easy Card at any MRT Station or convenience stores. Download the Taipei Metro (MRT) app to assist you during your travel.

From March 2017, you can now catch the train (Taoyuan Metro) direct from Taoyuan International Airport to the city from 6am to 11pm, daily.

Types of Direct link train to city centre:

  • Express Service (Purple Train)
Duration: 35 minutes to Taipei Main Station
No of stops: 5
Price: NT$160
  • Commuter Service (Blue Train)
Duration: 45 minutes to Taipei Main Station
No of stops: 21
Price: NT$160
Click here for train timetable.

Taxi to Taipei City

Taxi to the city cost within NT$1,000 to NT$1,500 for a 45-minute trip.

Bus to Taipei City

Kuo Kuang Bus
Credit: Wiki

Buses to Taipei City can take take up to 70 minutes for NT$125. Click here for more info.

6-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Accommodation at Green World Hotel Zhonghua

Greenworld hotel zhong hua

Located near Ximending, the property is just 5 minutes walk from Ximen MRT station (Blue line, Exit 5) via the underground walkway.

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Ximending Shopping District


Ximending is the ‘Harajuku’ of Taipei. This famous shopping district gear towards a younger hip crowd, with plenty of local and international brands.

Getting there: Blue Line 5 or Green Line 3 to Ximen Station.

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Day 2

Chiang Kai‑shek Memorial Hall


A tribute to the founder of Taiwan, Chiang Kai-shek. The hourly change of guard is the most popular sight at the memorial.

Getting there: Red Line 2 or Green Line 3 to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station.

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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


The Memorial Hall was built in 1972 as a tribute to the founder of modern China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The hall also serves as a cultural centre with regular exhibitions and performances.

Getting there: Blue Line 5 to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station.

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Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area


Wufenpu has hundreds of wholesale clothing stores and you can literally find anything under the sun.

Getting there: Blue Line 5 to Houshanpi station and use Exit 1

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Day 3

Beitou District


Beitou is well known for its hot springs. Even if you are not a fan of hot spring, the natural landscape of Beitou is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of Taipei city. Attractions such as Ketagalan Culture Center, Beitou Hot Spring Museum and Beitou Thermal Valley are located within the area.

Getting there: Red Line to Xin Beitou Station (Transfer at Beitou Station).

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Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf


The wharf is a popular scenic spot at the western tip of Tamsui District to catch the sunset or strolling along the riverside.

Getting there: Red Line 2 to Tamsui Station and use Exit 2.  Board bus 26 (Red) to Fisherman’s Wharf (Last stop).

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Day 4

Shifen, Pingxi, Jingtong


The Pingxi line runs through Ruifang and Pingxi Districts in Taipei. The railroad was originally built by the Japanese to transport coal in 1921. Now, the line serves as a popular route to tourist attractions such as Shifen, Pingxi and Jingtong town.

Getting there: Take the train to Ruifang Station (Taipei Railway Station, TRA). Alight at Ruifang Station and purchase the Pingxi Line ticket over the counter.

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Day 5

Maokong Mountain (Maokong Gondola)


Maokong Mountain is a nice get away from the bustling city of Taipei. Whether you are into trekking or simply admiring the breath-taking view of Taipei City, spending a few hours at the peak is a must!

Getting there: Wenshan-Neihu Line to Taipei Zoo Station.

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Taipei Zoo


The Taipei Zoo is one of the largest zoo in Southeast Asia and home to more than 400 animal species. Ultimately, this is the most affordable Zoo that I have been to.

Getting there: Wenshan-Neihu Line to Taipei Zoo Station.

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Elephant Mountain


There are many hiking trails in Taipei but Xiangshan Hiking Trail (also known as Elephant Mountain) is Taipei’s most  popular hike and easily accessible. The top of the trail without doubt is the best location to view Taipei 101 and sunset as a backdrop.

Getting there: Red Line 2 to Xiangshan Station and use exit 2. Follow the sign and walk along Zhongqiang Park.

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Day 6

Taipei 101 Observatory

Taipei 101

What is it like to be on the highest floor of one of the world’s tallest buildings. At 509.2 meters tall, you can get panoramic view of Taipei City at the observatory deck on level 89.

Getting there: Red Line 2 to World Trade Center Station.

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Four Four South Village (Military Village)


The village used to be the residential area for members of the Nationalist military. Just a short walk from Taipei 101, a portion of the village is now a designated historical site and transitioned into a community park.

Getting there: 5-minute walk from Taipei 101.

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National Taiwan Museum

National Taiwan Museum

Built in the Japanese colonial era, this museum is the oldest in Taiwan. To commemorate the opening of the North-South Mainline Railway, the Japanese established the building as Taiwan Viceroy’s Office Museum on 24 October 1908.

Getting there: Red Line 2 to NTU Hospital Station and use exit 4. Walk for to 228 Peace Park to the Museum.

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National Cultural and Creative Gift Center


This is the best one-stop shop for souvenirs and handicrafts.

Getting there: Red Line 2 to the NTU Hospital and use Exit 2. Walk pass the hospital and then turn left.

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